1. Tambria says:

    It’s Gillette, not 1 l, 2 ll’s.

  2. emma says:

    it is wrong it should be ‘Gillette’

  3. Teagan says:

    its spelt gillette

  4. Kaylyn says:

    On my game it showed this picture but there were 8 letter spaces.. what is the answer?

  5. taylor says:

    The answer is GiLLette.

  6. Jack says:

    Theirs one space left

  7. Jack says:

    Theirs one space left wtf

  8. taz says:

    hi there ummm gilette is 7 letters not 8 because on this level 5 and 162 its brand so its show 8 letters instead 7 letters so please fix it that game is on my iphone5 i cant move on at all cuz i have right letters but need delete last box

    • taz says:

      hi again ya need fix the letters cuz ya spelling wrong in green area its gillette not gilette ya missed one more w l

  9. Bob says:


  10. Dorothy says:

    I got this far and I spelled the word right but there is one extra space for a letter and now I cant go to the next so someone needs to make sure they do this games right the same thing happened on 4 pics 1 word

  11. Tayla says:

    Thats not right ???

  12. Noah says:

    It’s spelled GILLETTE

  13. Myca says:

    The real answer is Gillette not what it says there

  14. boo says:

    Its spelled gillette I just did it on there. Thankyou this website
    helps a lot

  15. Lexis says:

    This is spelled wrong it should be Gillette

  16. sandra says:


  17. Raya says:

    Never mind take that back I found it

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